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“Please do not let what you think you cannot do interfere with what you can do.“ Anonymous


"You must say daily "I CANN" I is for Integrity... C is for Courage... A is for Accountability... N is for Networking and the other N is for Negotiation. These are the keys to success."

- Z.D. Rich

“Simply Amazing…I have read it twice so far and it has a few amazing tips for all students. Make College Work For You, is a must read!”

-Ms. Franzlyne Jean-Louis, Tallahassee Community College, Student Body President



“Make College Work For You, caught me off guard. I was expecting the book to be just like any other college success instructional guide…filled with the same old preachy styled  message. I was pleasantly surprised by the strategies and techniques mentioned in the book. The chapters were very well written and easy to understand. I will see to it that the book is available for the student body of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University…it taught me how to say NO with authority and how to better manage my time.”

-Breyon Love Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University (FAMU) SGA President.



“The book is very inspirational, empowering, and easy to read. I only wish I would have read it earlier. The tips and techniques were well thought out and practical. My faith has been positively impacted by this book. I feel that I CANN do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 

-Florida State University- College of Business graduate and Founder of OnSpot Entertainment, LLC, Alex Richards


“The book is being purchased for all my students without any reservations. I know that the young men my agency serve will thoroughly enjoy Make College Work For You.  Additionally, I have decided to utilize the book as a recruitment tool for high school students interested in going to college. I was captivated by the book from chapter one until the final page. It’s a book which will positively enhance college retention!”

-Ramon Alexander founder of Distinguish Young Gentlemen International and College Recruiter for Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University


“I have decided to utilize this book in my college preparatory classes. The new strategies for surviving and thriving in college and life were simply refreshing. My students will be able to appreciate the importance of managing stress while coping with the pressures that are a part of matriculating through college.”

-Dr. J Evans


“Man you are crazy, but real as a smoker with lung cancer. I loved the quotes throughout the book. My favorite quote was by Comedian Robin Harris, ‘Procrastination is like masturbation…sure it may feel good at first, but then you come to the realization that you are screwing yourself!’ Wow, I will never look at procrastination the same. By the way, I have decided to limit my drinking to the weekends, eventually I will get to a point where I can say NO! 

-Matt P. aka the Party Starter, University of Miami… Junior Chemical Engineering Student



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